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Since the year 2000, at the end of September, Toulouse (the ‘Ville Rose’) is transformed into a giant stage, showcasing the best of digital technology and innovation from throughout the ecosystem, attracting an audience from across France.

Across numerous locations, the ‘Ville Rose’ plays host to the IN and OFF events of La Mêlée Numérique. Over 2 weeks, the whole network from across Occitanie mobilise to promote their own territory.

The subjects on offer are varied and largely destined for professionals: Digital inclusion, innovation, entrepreneurship, AR/VR, Data, AI, IOT, cyber security, digital responsibility, food tech, future industries, e-tourism, e-health…

the events in

Organised by La Mêlée’s team, these events are free and financed by the State, Local Authorities (Occitanie Region and the Haute-Garonne Department), the Toulouse Metropole and private partners of La Mêlée.

the events off

Organised by different digital tech and innovation stakeholders, these events have their own business models, often sectoral and organised by associations, clubs, networks and partner organisations of La Mêlée.


Supported by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, La Mêlée Numérique is Occitanie’s digital tech and innovation festival, a week dedicated to professionals.

An unmissable hybrid event and B2B meeting for all those interested in innovation and the use of digital technology : it is an ideal event to help develop your business, meet experts and increase your visibility in the ecosystem. The festival is divided up into broad themes, representing the pillars of La Mêlée, covering various targets from start-ups to large corporations, from SME to local authorities, from decision makers to employees…

Each theme is animated by conferences, round-tables, workshops, networking, creative and social events, all of which are broadcasted live on Youtube. In 2023, La Mêlée Numérique will welcome 10,000 participants over 150 events covering 20 themes and reaching all technology sectors and fields.

Jean-Noël BARROT


about la mêlée

For more than 20 years, La Mêlée has been driving the digital sectors and bringing together numerous users and experts throughout the region of Occitanie. At the heart of a particularly dynamic and innovative sector, La Mêlée is a veritable laboratory of ideas and projects.


  • Contribute to the digital transformation and security of organisations.
  • Foster emerging talents, new ways of working, training and education for all as well as supporting diversity.
  • Participate in digital inclusion and reduce fractures across the territories.
  • Accelerate entrepreneurship, open innovation and sustainable digital technology.
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